Axiology: Entry I


This is a True Story that is written as it happens. Obviously, the names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. Entry ONE I sat there in my student house garage with a recently used bong on the table and my phone at hand. “Another disengaged millennian,” I wrote. I wanted to … Continue reading Axiology: Entry I


Lonelyboy.Press Update: New Real-Life Piece

To whom it may concern, If you've actually taken the time to read through the first seven chapters of How to Cast A Shadow, I am sorry. There was an issue with my post scheduling and everything dropped over a weeks time without being reviewed. I'm going to leave it up there since it might be … Continue reading Lonelyboy.Press Update: New Real-Life Piece

The Asshole Hero

The Asshole Hero is a philosophical doctrine told in the format of a true story. It follows the life of Ryan Chan, A Twenty-one-year-old lost soul who suffers a pathetic near-death experience which causes him to vow to change his scum-bag life for the better. During this coming of age story, Ryan seeks to share the information that … Continue reading The Asshole Hero

How to Cast a Shadow. Chapter V: Mr. Rat II

A Large Pack of King-Sized Cigarettes. “The moon is half here.” Rat said aloud, his thumb pressing the record button on his audio device. His breath was visible, the city was getting colder. “I feel… butterflies.” Butterflies or illness he thought. Rat was lying on his back facing the moon atop a building in the … Continue reading How to Cast a Shadow. Chapter V: Mr. Rat II