Mr. Millennials Thoughts: On Seclusion

Seclusion in our day and age seems to be something shunned, something that isn’t wanted or is of no value. Being anti-social is acknowledged as “ok” but that’s just it, “ok”. If you’re the secluded you may feel lonely or that there’s something wrong with you, but there really isn’t. Seclusion does have value and I’d argue that its something others need in their lives.

Growing up as a Millineal you’ll always note the vast amount of technology in our childhood. I specifically was a VHS kid and had all my Pokemon tapes that I had to rewind over and over again whenever I wanted to watch it, but we all know overtime VHS fell and DVD became and a thing, and then Blue-Ray, and at the same time the cell-phone was getting smaller, and stronger, and when technology became so intertwined with our lives it seemed like we lost the idea to live without it, to not constantly have something shoving information in your face. When you log on Youtube or Facebook your mind is still cluttered with others thoughts and opinions. It isn’t true seclusion.

Seclusion is the act of separating yourself from others and I recently did a really informative project in my philosophy class on Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucillius which is stoic tradition but still of value at least to me.

Here’s a link if you want to read any of the letters for free:

If you don’t want to read I’ll sum it up for you. Seneca basically says in his eighth letter the seclusion of the philosopher is of vital importance to the productivity of the stoic. By secluding oneself from the worldly affairs of men perhaps now we can achieve things that our of greater value to us then what this world of connectivity is teaching us.

This is more prevalent to millennials. We spend so much of our time being affected by the lives of others that we don’t give our own lives meaning. We are taught to be courteous and polite and to be of service to others when we are not serviceable to ourselves, our needs. We care too much about remembering to like that one person’s Instagram page than what we really want in our lives or what our biggest problems in life are, and hey, if you’re problem free and you got the time and resource to actually have no problems and be able to like that Instagram page, then give some to the l’il guy would ya?

I guess to sum it all up it’s this: Truly having moments of introspective alone-time is beneficial to not just your soul, but the future of the world too.








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