How to Cast A Shadow. Chapter VI: CHRISTIE II

Christie realized she was near the oceanfront, the rich scent of seaweed stung her nose but she didn’t mind it, in fact, she liked it. It felt raw. The city was founded as a fishing village and to Christie, it felt symbolic, besides, she could afford to delay.

Christie has stopped by the metal gate by the sea to catch a breather. She needed to look at the moon. It was a crescent moon with a great arc over the sea. Christie stared at the moon like some lost dog. It amazed her, the way it only showed one side of itself at all times.

Christie looked south-west where she could clearly see the shipping docks and the bridge that connected the two.

When Christie finally began walking again she found the streets to be relatively empty. There were Denizens, mainly shaggy men but also other’s sleeping on the street. As Christie ventured further in the city she could hear.
A massive boom echoed throughout the sky making her ears ring with pain but her heart pounded with excitement. She fell to the ground gasping for air and when she turned to the origin of the sound she saw a building by the docks engulfed in flames. She stared at it with disbelief, what did this mean?
Cars were ringing and windows had been shattered, she wanted to go near the building but then something caught her eye. As she walked closer to an alleyway she saw blood marks, footprints and handprints seemingly from one person. Her interest in the fire suddenly disappeared and she ventures into the dark alley that was only lit by the flames in the sky. Her heart thudded hard against her chest with every step.
The footprints stopped at basement level door, there were no markings that it was a store of any kind, and when she tried the door, it was unlocked.

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