Lonelyboy.Press Update: New Real-Life Piece

To whom it may concern,

If you’ve actually taken the time to read through the first seven chapters of How to Cast A Shadow, I am sorry. There was an issue with my post scheduling and everything dropped over a weeks time without being reviewed. I’m going to leave it up there since it might be fun to see the changes but it’s not complete.

In addition to editing my material from HTCAS, I’m posting something quite a bit more simple to write which is my very instant true story. It’s very Catcher in the Rye styled I’ll admit, but it’s something I think can connect people together, especially if anyone who knows me is reading this.


Anyways, the link to the first entry will appear on this post once it’s put up. You can always click on home and see how bad HTCAS is right now lol.

Thank you for your time,

Ben Che




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