How to Cast a Shadow is a mystery crime novel I had been working on before I began to pursue other non-fiction pieces. This page has all of the chapters in chronological order. By no means is this anybody else’s work but my own. Though it may be inspired by some real-life events, none of the stories is to be taken seriously, but you can cry if you want.

Here are the Chapters in Chronological Order. I will only post the first Act on here unless someone demands for more.

Prologue: Knight

Chapter I: Rat I

Chapter II: Mr. West I

Chapter III: Christie I

Chapter IV: Lawson I

Chapter V: Carson II

Chapter VI: Christie II

Chapter VII: West II

Chapter VIII: Lawson II

Chapter IX: Diana I

Chapter X: Jack I

Chapter XI: Lawson III

Chapter XII: Christie III

Chapter XIII: Mr.West III

Chapter XIV: Diana II

Chapter XV: Carson III

End Act One

As of this moment, there is only a series of rough draft for Acts two and three. In the meantime, I have my Poetry and flash Fiction series Penny Poems and Poppy Press if you’re interested.

Maybe one day I’ll actually get this published lol.

The Author’s Tomato Soup Charity

Since this novel is in development You don’t have to pay for reading my work at all, but if you would like to donate (so that I can eat some tomato soup for $0.60 (Let’s call it a dollar)) and feed myself (since I am a student and independent) that be great! I love writing and love sharing concepts of Stories, I get more opportunity to write the more soup I eat, Thanks, Y’all! By no means is this a real charity, this is more of a wicker church basket (Though, if I did make a charity, 'Tomato Soup' would be a great name).