Marxism (in short) is the economic and political theory of an ethical world outlined in the original Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels. This definition may not match the exact way the online dictionary’s version and that is with good reason. It seems to me most societies view Marxism and Communism as “boogeymen” ideologies. They’re considered “boogeymen” because they are seen as too scary to be used as legitimate governments by the majority population who are often too stupid to look into the facts of their deep-rooted beliefs.

People hear Communism and they think about how Stalin starved and killed millions without thinking of the sacrifices or ideas of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. They think of Castro without knowing the truth if he really was bad or good. Typically the world is misinformed in so many areas that we need to revisit older ideologies to help grasp the ever-changing technological world.

Don’t get me wrong, Communism and Marxism (which really is “true” Communism) have their flaws just like everything else, but their flaws are nowhere near as condemning or immoral as Capitalist values and teachings of selfishness and pride above community, generosity, and love. The Capitalist world is about the self and beyond that, it is about pushing down your competitor by whatever means necessary so you can make the big bucks. Marxism is attractive to me not because of its suggestions but instead its intelligent critiques of Capitalism.

In this series of writings, I seek to show you all how there is something called practical Marxism that you can apply to your daily life. It is understanding the teachings of Marx and Engels in a way that lets you subtly rebel the Capitalist system without going to extremities like other “communist” (I use quotations cause there aren’t really any true communist nations except maybe Cuba and even then that is flawed) countries. This is a personal choice. This is your ability and your will to make the world a better place using exactly what you have at your disposal which is: Time, Effort, and Will. This is a personal fight against capitalism.

My application of practical Marxism comes from my will to do what I believe is right without forcing my will upon other people who are more often than not Capitalists. Practical Marxism is about learning the true value of communist ideology without having to starve yourself. It is taking one step at a time towards the morally correct destination of living and distributing wealth. I seek to cover topics such as Time, income, percents, raw material, the value of community, the value of intelligence, and the responsibility of the intellectual, and eventually how to prove to a capitalist that they are actually not a capitalist and that they are instead a moral person who should seek practical Marxism and apply it to their life.

I write this as a personal journey because it is. I believe that the Capitalist system has actually hurt us all over the world and I really just want to help the suffering of people everywhere. I want to offer some sort of solution to this problem through Practical Marxism.


Section one is the Critiques of Capitalism and will be released January 26th, 2018.